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Create a custom payment link in under a minute and share it wherever and whenever you want to enable online payment options of card or buy now, pay later instalments.

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Get Paid Quicka without the Hassle

Easily add payment links anywhere you want to receive payments from, without the complex integrations and equipment.
Sell direct from your website
Want to get your website generating sales and not just leads?
With payment links you can take payments on any Wordpress, Wix, or other custom website by simply creating a payment link and adding a button to pay.
Sell Online without a Website
Don’t have a website?

Not an issue. With payment links you can take payments online through SMS, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp and more! Create a link and share it anywhere, everywhere with ease.
Sell Face to Face, but Contactless
Tired of carrying around an Eftpos terminal or square reader?
Using our payment links, you can take contactless payments right through our web app using QR codes and go from scan to paid in under 90 seconds.
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How it Works

Create a payment link without developers and complicated connections. Watch this video to see how it works.
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Why Australian Businesses Love QuickaPay

Win up to 90% more business

Let your customer pay the way they want. We accept payments from all major card providers, as well as our fortnightly buy now pay later payments options.

Get paid upfront

We pay you upfront, while your customer gets instantly approved and pays us back over time, interest-free, over 10 weeks.

No fuss payments

Just sign up and create a payment link and add it to your site or a QR code on your point of sale.

No sign up fees
No lock in contracts
No hidden fees
No complex integrations
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Do I have to create a unique payment link for every customer?

No, with each payment link you can take an unlimited amount of payments.

How do I know if a customer paid?

You will receive an email notification with the purchase details each time a customer pays via a payment link. This can also be tracked in our easy to use dashboard as well.

When will I get paid?

Our standard payout time is 3 business days from the day of payment so if a customer pays on Monday you will receive funds on Wednesday.

Where can I use payment links? 

You can use payment links anywhere that allows link sharing, like website, in documents, via sms, whatsapp or social media. You can also use payment links in offline environments using a QR code.

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