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The Basics

What is QuickaPay?

QuickaPay is an online payments platform designed to solve cash flow stress by helping small businesses pay and get paid, Quicka.

What type of businesses do you work with?

We are services focused and work with hundreds of small businesses including tradies, fitness trainers, freelancers, health coaches, photographers and naturopaths. So long as you hold an active ABN and are an Australian business we can help.

Do you work with international businesses?

Not at this stage. To use our product you must have an Australian ABN and live in Australia. This is verified during the sign up process.

Using QuickaPay

Are there any payment limits?

No, there are no payment limits on payments paid by credit / debit card or bank transfer. Instalment payments are capped at $20,000 AUD but we will look to increase this down the track. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

How do I reset my password?

Visit and enter the email address that you signed up with. Then follow the instructions to reset.

How can I change my business details?

Please contact us at to make any changes.

Update existing bank account information?

Please contact us at and we will send you a link to re-connect your nominated bank account.

How do the instalment plans work for my customers?

If your customer opts in to pay via an instalment plan, they will go through a short one-time sign up process and if approved be prompted to confirm payment. Our decision making process is instant and we have an ~80% approval rate so if they have regular cashflow it's most likely they will get approved.

Why do I have to link my bank account to offer online payments?

If you would like to offer online payments you will need to link your nominated business account as part of our one time sign up process. This allows us to verify you are who you say you are and ensure we deposit funds into the right account. For more info, please feel free to contact us at

How will my customers receive the online payment options?

Your customers will receive an initial email followed by an SMS with a link to your invoice and options to pay online via bank transfer, credit or debit card, or through a buy now, pay later instalment plan.

What does the status "awaiting terms" mean for my invoice?

The status “awaiting terms” means the invoice has been sent to your customer, however they haven't responded and or connected a payment option. The invoice will remain in this status until a customer pays the invoice or it fails to collect at the end of 45 days.

What if my customer never pays the invoice I send?

Our system will send automated payment reminders for up to 45 days - after that if your client is still unresponsive, your invoice will be automatically marked as failed to collect in your dashboard.

What happens if the customer doesn't pay you back?

Once your customer has been approved for an instalment plan and confirms their payment, we will assume all risk of non-repayment from the first instalment onwards. You will never be asked to pay us back if your customer fails to repay us.

When will I get paid?

Our standard payout time is 2 business days. However, on your first invoice payment, we do hold funds for a period of 5 business days before releasing them to ensure that the transaction was successful. This is a one time thing and is used to help mitigate any potential fraud or chargebacks.

Can I set up these payment options on my website?

Yes, if you would like to add QuickaPay as an online payment option to your website please get in touch by contacting us at or by calling 1300 726 960 and a member of our team will be able to assist.

Fees & Charges

How much does this cost?

Our platform is free to use and you can raise and or send unlimited payment request from it. If you choose to offer customers online payment options, we charge a 1.75% transaction fee + $.35 on domestic card payments and 2.9% on international card payments, and 5% if your customer pays via an instalment plan. The fee is paid by the merchant raising the invoice and your customer only ever sees one amount.

Is there any setup costs or establishment fees?

No, it's free to set up, free to use, and you will only ever pay if you opt in for online payments.

Security & Privacy

How will my data be protected?

We will hold your personal information pursuant to the Privacy Act, in a manner that reasonably protects it from misuse and loss and from authorised access, modification or disclosure. We will hold your personal information in paper or other physical form but it is usually held in electronic form on our systems. We use a range of physical and electronic security measures, for example, access restrictions to protect the personal information stored in our database.While we may use third party service providers to maintain some of our data systems and provide related services, these entities are only authorised to use your personal information where it is necessary to provide these types of services to us. We require any person that has access to personal information that we have collected to act in a manner consistent with our obligations under the Privacy Act and with our general privacy standards. Our employees are also required to keep your personal information confidential.

How do you ensure secure payments?

We use bank grade AES-256 encryption to ensure that all payments are safe and secure as is best practice in Australian banking standards.

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